Coffee Coffee Coffee Blah Blah Blah

I drink lots of coffee I have an espresso machine I grind beans (from a blend I have mixed myself)

I take photos of my coffee, the beans and the froth

YES I’m a coffee bore – but I love the taste and love the hit – so I’m not all sheds (some beer – coffee porters FTW).

Coffee drop

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I buy my beans from 3 different places

1) PactCoffee

My latest in a line of fav coffee beans

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2) Coffee Direct via Amazon

"new beans" Sometimes it's scary using new bean blend #coffee #project365 #day60

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3) Aldi/Lidl/ Supermarket bulk offers(when available)

"Two of my favourite things" #project365 #day134

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I tend to us an espresso machine but also use the hipsters coffee machine of choice the Aeropress

I’m also trying out some Nespresso Carte Noire capsules that I have been sent but in the meantime some nice glasses

Nice little espresso glasses not tried the coffee yet

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but I’m looking to get a V60 as well –

The V60 has similarities to other brewing methods, but differences in design make it a unique method all its own. Constructed with raised, spiraled ribs and a wide aperture that allows coffee to pass evenly through the paper filter, the V60 brews quickly and makes a nuanced, balanced cup.

so if you buy any coffee from pact and I could win one:)

Introduce three coffee-loving friends to Pact and we’ll post you a V60 Starter Kit, giving you a whole new way to brew.
Your personal invitation code is:


Anyone with access to this code will be able to claim their first bag of Pact Coffee for £1.

as I said I’m not a cofee geek just a bore

Photos: The poppies at the tower of London and a tribute to Harry Patch

We made flying visit to London on Friday (on shed business) and decided we had to go and see the Remembrance poppies that have been put around the Tower of London.

Poppies at Tower of London

Marking one hundred years since the first full day of Britain’s involvement in the First World War. Created by ceramic artist Paul Cummins, with setting by stage designer Tom Piper, 888,246 ceramic poppies will progressively fill the Tower’s famous moat over the summer. Each poppy represents a British military fatality during the war.

It took your breath away really and even in the evening there was lots of people wanting to see them.

Poppies at Tower of London

Next to one of the railings was a tribute cross to veterans Harry Patch, Pop Riley & Ted Hodge it was very poignant seeing this small cross with the thousands and thousands of poppies in the background.

Harry Patch

you can find out more about them over at the Tower Website

below are the rest of my photos taken of the Tower Poppies

16 collaboration beers in Cardiff Brewdog

No that’s not the number I drank – it’s the number of beers they had on Saturday for their collaboration festival at the Cardiff branch of the Scottish brewery.


For the second year running, we have teamed our UK fleet of bars up with amazing local breweries to brew the biggest en masse collaboration effort known to man! And on Saturday 25th October 2014, you will be able to sample their efforts across 16 UK BrewDog bars.

The stand-out beer was White Chocolate Stout let me repeat that White Chocolate Stout (far left in the photo below) – light in colour but so very tasty – I’m a massive fan of Chocolate stouts as it is but this also had great aroma and unique flavour – but this is now in my top 20.


another favourite was the (ok not biased for Welsh Beer) but the Home of the Fruitcakes (6%) Strawberry & raspberry saison from Celt Experience tasted like a thick fruit sorbet that had melted in the glass


the other one that grab me by the collar was the Lovibonds Purple Rain.


so it looks like Brewdog has got me more into “pudding beer” which can’t be a bad thing.

Here is the full list

Aberdeen & Cromarty – Stoater Scotch Ale (7.5%) Scotch Ale w/ Oats, Brambles and Honey

Birmingham & Quantum Hop. Kettle. Black. (4.8%)
Hopfenschwarzweisse (Hoppy Black Wheat Beer)

Bristol & Wild Beer Co Rosa Canina (5.4%) Saison with rosehips and rosemary

Camden & Pressure Drop Syd Strong’s (7.1%) Black Rye IPA

Cardiff & Celt Experience Home of the Fruitcakes (6%) Strawberry & raspberry saison

Clapham Junction & Brodie’s Southside Zester (Livin La Vida Lime Juice) (3.7%) Lime Berlinerweisse

Dundee & Alechemy Smoked in History (5.2%) Smoked Porter

Edinburgh & Tempest False Provenance (6.8%) Borders Belgian Black ale

Glasgow & Fyne Ales SameWerking (5.1%) Rooibos Red Ale

Leeds & Ilkley Brewery Westwood Stout (6.5%) White Chocolate Stout

Manchester & Tickety Brew Coffee Wit (5.2%) Coffee-Infused Wheat Beer

Newcastle & Tyne Bank Amba Necta (6.5%) Honey and Apricot Amber Ale

Nottingham & Buxton Rough C’s (5%) Oatmeal Amber Lager

Sheffield & Red Willow Shut Up Meg (7%) IPA hopped and dry hopped with Simcoe & Citra

Shepherd’s Bush & Lovibonds Purple Rain (5.8%) Foraged Fruit Sour

Shoreditch & Five Points Smoke & Mirrors (7.8%) Smoked Porter