You remember when you were young? a new LP every other week?

Due to work changes I had to clear out my desk as I’m becoming one of the hotdesk generation.

I’m happy with that as I would prefer to work from my shed anyway, but the downside is that over the last 14 years I have collected a lot of rubbish i.e. personal jetsam

I have tried to hold onto the toys/fancies of digital fun eg Star Wars characters, noise making gadgets and breweriana – that I should have grown out of in my thirties – BTW I’m keeping my TARDIS whatever – but I have given away or recycled the rest.

Digital media is a lot more serious and a gonk is not what separates you from the next twenty year old anymore – even though they were in school when I wrote my first perl script.

But with this last sweep of my late youth – I came about the last LP I ever bought – from 2004, Velvet Revolver’s – excellent debut Contraband.


Three months after I bought it I saw them in Cardiff CIA (see even that has changed)

of course thinking back it was my youth calling when I bought this


Slash was the hero of my youth with his first release on the first tapes I ever bought – G N R Appetite for Destruction,

you can not stop the future – now where’s my DAT of the spaghetti incident.


My top Five Welsh Beers

The nice people (former colleagues) over at Walesonline asked me to come up with a list of great Welsh beers – they were in no particular order so

Here are my Top Five from the list I have had this year – there seems to be a lot of variants on stouts/porters – and no surprise Tiny Rebel come top – 90% of their beers this year have been amazing

1) Dirty Stop Out, Tiny Rebel: A stunning smoked oat stout which rightfully was Champion Beer of Wales 2013. ABV: 5%

Tiny Rebel Beer : Dirty Stop Out

2) Hadouken, Tiny Rebel: A perfect example of an IPA ABV: 7.4%


3) Shining Tsar, Brains Craft: One of the many excellent ‘craft’ beers from Brains – strong but very drinkable ABV: 7.5%


4) O6 Porter, Otley: Very good porter – also look out for the excellent mOtley Brew. ABV: 6.6%


5) Boilermaker, Brains Craft: A hoppy beer matured with Penderyn whisky-infused oak chips in Penderyn casks. Great on keg or bottled. ABV: 6.5%


of course I’m sure you have had others – so feel free to list your top five in the comments :)

Candied bacon strips

Bacon, Yes , Caramel Yes – best bar snacks in Cardiff ever

First it was the amazing hop infused crisps, now Paul from the Urban Tap house has outdone himself with his candied bacon strips.

This is not a review just a celebration of what is good with the world “Streaky bacon encased in caramel”- they glistened in the afternoon light – saying eat me eat me – we know how good salted caramel is so these taste amazing – one ok, two is too much but what a bar snack (£1 a strip is not cheap but worth it’s weight in Caramel) and an amazing Amuse-bouche to what this man can do with a fryer – I’am told his deep fried gherkins are a thing of beauty as well.

Candied bacon strips

Candied bacon strips

Candied bacon strips