Hello I’m Andrew Wilcox

I’ve been a web developer since 1998.

I’ve worked on numerous large websites and their content management systems (CMS) for the mainstream media – from apps to standalone websites – for businesses and organisations in all walks of life.

I now work as a freelance developer and can lend my personal attention and experience to help your company in digital projects of any size.

Some of my clients know precisely what they want and how they are going to achieve it. Others know what their goals are but aren’t sure how to reach them. And some come to me just feeling they ought to be doing something online but don’t know what and aren’t even sure why.

For novices: I’m just as happy to help absolute beginners set up their first website as I am to work with the specialist web teams of large corporations.

For techies: My passions are back-end databases and front end scripting – but I also have a wide range of technical skills including HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, SQL, .NET, Coldfusion and WordPress.

Whatever your needs, I will work on the user experience, responsive design, development and build to bring your project to fruition within time and budget.

My interest doesn’t end there. I can also bring your online presence to life with digital marketing and social media, all in tune with your brand values.

And if you’re looking for character, did I mention my other passion is sheds? I conceived and set up the Shed of the Year competition, developing it first through online marketing and social media on it’s own hobby site and then with a TV production company who have broadcast it on Channel 4 since 2013.

So contact me, I’m happy to talk technically or non-technically about your needs, no matter how big or small your project is.

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