Judging Cider at the Great Welsh Beer & Cider festival – someones got to do it

I was kindly asked by arfurD to help judge the best cider at this years festival.

There was some wonderful ones and sometimes wish we had more time.. but the overall champion was …you will have to wait as we were just regional monkeys.


If you are around (festival info here)

Then worth sampling the cider as well as the beer as there are some wonderful local producers from Wales and the Borders.

Some ABVs missing but they tend to be around 6%

Rosie’s Triple D Medium 7.20%
Rosie’s Triple D Wicked wasp 7.40%
Rosie’s Triple D Black Bart 7.20%
Rosie’s Triple D Perry 5.40%
Berriew Bettws Dry
Berriew Maldwyn Medium
Wm Watkins Cider Oak 6.30%
Wm Watkins Cider Whisky 7.00%
Wm Watkins Perry 6.10%
Springfield Old Barn
Springfield Farmhouse
Springfield Dabinett
Gwatkin Yarlington Mill 7.50%
Gwatkin Blakeney Red 7.50%
Gwatkin Norman 7.50%
Seidr O Sir Cantref 6.30%
Seidr O Sir Maes Edwy 6.30%
Seidr O Sir Bettws 6.30%
Ross on Wye Cider 6.50%
Ross on Wye Perry 6.00%
Dan Y Graig Dry Cider 6.00%
Dan Y Graig Medium Dry 6.00%
Cjs Cider
Cjs Surprise Cider
Cjs Perry
Troggi Cider Medium Dry
Troggi Cider Cider
Troggi Perry Perai
Mad Hatters Nine Holes 5.00%
Mad Hatters Second in Lime 5.00%
Orchards Cider 5.80%
Old Monty Kingstone Black
Old Monty
Penallt Perry Capsy Wennet 5.50%
Upper House Farm Oak 6.00%
Rathays Painted Lady 4.50%
Hartlands Farmhouse Perry 5.80%
Green Valley Rum Tiddly Tum 7.00%
Llanblethian Orchards Pick n’ mix Perry 7.00%
Llanblethian Orchards Hendre Huffcap 7.00%
Llanblethian Orchards Dry Cider
Three Saints Nice Boys 5.50%
Three Saints Divine 3.60%
Three Saints Scrum 6.20%
Palmers Upland Cyder Attercop 7.00%
Palmers Upland Cyder Bingo Bongo 6.50%
Palmers Upland Cyder Strawberry Norman 6.00%
Blaengawney Farm Heartbreaker 7.00%
Blaengawney Farm Blindfold 6.70%
Blaengawney Farm National Treasure 5.60%
Blaengawney Farm Blakeney Red Perry 4.00%
Raglan Cider Mill Barney’s Best 4.60%
Raglan Cider Mill Blakeney Red Perry 4.50%
Raglan Cider Mill Sweet Perry 4.50%
Seidr Dai Blakeney Red Perry 5.20%
Seidr Dai Tumper’s/nailer/Berllanderi Blend 5.60%
Seidr Dai Hellen’s Early Perry 4.90%
Seidr Dai Raglan’s Rarest Cider 3.90%


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