Remembering Rory Gallagher

Rory was and still is my favourite blues guitarist – the gentle Irishman has been gone 25 years this Sunday 14 June 2020.
Rory Gallagher
Het Turfschip Breda The Netherlands
26 march 1976

I have been listening to Rory Gallagher before I knew who he was, as older cousins used to listen to him (along with Peter Green & Taj Mahal), I just thought it was great music – and in my late teens I listened constantly to his (and some may say the best live album every produced) Irish Tour ’74 (15 years after it was released, as I was 3 in 1974!)

That was the vinyl that really got me into Rory and I had to try to find every live track he had every done (which of course now is a lot easier since the invention fo the internet).

I was very lucky I got to see him once, but even though his health was failing him, he was still a showman when he picked up his battered old 1961 Fender Stratocaster and played his blues.

Of course his legacy lives on with all those people wanting to play the blues and the Rory Gallagher International Tribute Festival every year, the best way is to just listen to his music.

Here are my favourite Rory songs – so just enjoy the master from Ballyshannon

2) Arriving Somewhere but Not Here

3) Ride On

4) John The Baptist

5) Holy Diver

6) Man in a Shed

7) Die Laughing

8) Where Is My Mind?

Book: American Gods

Luxury: TARDIS


Architecture of Birmingham – goodbye Brutalism?

Spent lovely 24 hours in Brum this week – going to see the stunningly brilliant Clint Mansell with my good mate Neil

but as always the Architecture of Birmingham just jumps out at me at every step – so here are some shots of my trip including the old Birmingham Central Library which is being removed.

Modern reflections #Birmingham #architecture

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“No parking” #Birmingham #architecture #gentrification

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Leaning #architecture #streetphotography #brutalism #urbanengland #gentrification #Birmingham

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Juxtaposed with you #Birmingham #architecture #gentrification #abandoned #urbanengland

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“Red Beret” #Birmingham #architecture #streetphotography #brutalism #urbanengland #gentrification

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“Surprised” #Birmingham #architecture #streetphotography #brutalism #urbanengland

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Birmingham ‘Welcome to Paradise” #architecture #brutalism #urbanengland #gentrification

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#urbanwales exhibition – Which photos should I send?

I have been taking part on social media using #urbanwales to shoot photos of interesting things in Wales – anyway the organisers, Ffoton Wales have asked me to print some out so they can be exhibited (which is nice)

Over the last twelve months of producing Ffoton, we have been struck by the sheer number of talented photographers from all parts of Wales who are shooting great work in all manner of photographic genres, but who rarely show their images publicly.

As part of a project to promote some of this unseen work, Ffoton would like to introduce Urban Wales – an initiative to highlight contemporary photography from Wales.

Whether you live, work or just visit any Welsh city, town or village Urban Wales will allow us to highlight your creative interpretation of the public spaces and people around you.

But can you help me decide which 9 photos I should exhibit? you can do this by upvoting (or down) on them on the widget below – I like the run down buildings – but you know that already


Abandoned Penarth – what is behind those doors?

I have only moved to the Welsh seaside town of Penarth recently and have already fallen in love with it – the people are ace, some pubs are great, some shed potential and of course you have the sea on your doorstop.

But the one thing that has starting to become an obsession is the amount of abandoned grand buildings in Penarth – two in particular on Bridgeman road just up from the Pier.

I know people from Penarth are used to these buildings being left to rack and ruin but being an outsider I find it very shocking.

Anyway wish I could go and do some urban exploring and look inside them (I’m not going to) but it would be great to see what’s inside.

On the plus side I’m carrying my camera everywhere I go

All photos are copyright 2016 Andrew Wilcox


The best pub of 2016 so far – Queen’s Head Chepstow

Not posted on here for a while – but last night I went to a pub that reminded me of what a great pub is about – great beer, great company and it’s tiny so had to tell you all.

The Queen’s Head Micropub in Chepstow – is doing what a lot of pubs used to do – provide a great place to go for a chat and great beer – as long you don’t take 50 friends along.

It’s a single-room bar measuring just 26 square metres – with the opening to the cellar in the small toilet, so when he needs to change a barrel you can’t go!

The landlord Glen has taken over the disused shop (which ironically used to be a pub) on 12 Moor street Chepstow, he’s doing a great job.

The first time we tried to get in last night we could not as it was full – but we went back later and had a great welcome – with a lot of Local real ales on, all kept in tiptop condition.

If you are ever in the town then make sure it’s your first stop, I WILL BE BACK


Great to see us Welsh getting uppity about Half n Half

Buzzfeed did a post yesterday from that London about this amazing new food stuff you can eat – Half n Half

ok they mention that in Wales we have had it for ages – but still has no one NOT HAD it?

but it did cause a mini twitter curry storm from the Welsh twitters and they are right too 🙂

plus some from outside of Wales

The Spiritual Home of Half N Half

Chip Alley Cardiff  Dirty Dots

Chip Alley Cardiff Tony's


Drink Beer for Charity

Beer Tasting of Tiny Rebel Brewing Co. Beers at their excellent Urban Tap House, Cardiff

30 April at approx 18:45

£10 a ticket – to include various samples of Tiny Rebel great local beer.

If you want to go accept this invite on facebook & purchase a ticket by donating via Lorna Doran’s Just Giving page > and mention Beer Tasting 🙂

all proceeds go to Velindre Cancer Centre Fundraising


Happy New Year – Cardiff Fireworks

Happy new year thanks for reading or looking in 2014 and hope you continue in 2015 🙂

Cardiff NYE FireworksCardiff NYE FireworksCardiff NYE FireworksCardiff NYE FireworksCardiff NYE FireworksCardiff NYE Fireworks


Bowen Smells – Graffiti in Cardiff

shop window graffiti