Abergavenny Food Festival 2010

Today I went to the Abergavenny Food Festival 2010, I have not been for a few years and things have changed a bit – it’s massive!

If you love queuing then you will love this festival, no honestly it was very busy and was a bit difficult to see the stalls (and take photos) but if you have more than a couple of hours then its a good day out, one tip if you need to buy a day band for Sunday, then pop near post office as the queues were shorter.

They run loads of workshops and demonstrations and they have lots of events around the festival such as poetry and food related conferences, but most people just go for the grub * drink – some great local companies and a lot of the familiar faces you see at the other food festivals around Wales.

Beer & cider knowitall ArfurD & mate of mine was “helping” (ie tasting lots of it) on the Gwatkin stall and kindly got me a half of the always good Norman cider, my only drink of the festival.

Otley brewery had a stall selling their bottles and I saw quite a lot of people walking around swigging from O8 bottles, they will know it tomorrow.

Next year I think I may give the Sunday ago with hope that its not as busy (yea right)