Doctor Who’s TARDIS on Cardiff Castle

Since the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who – there has been a TARDIS on the battlements of Cardiff (Wales, UK) castle – of course Cardiff is where the Doctor is made


The BBC want you to report on Local news

Sort of… they are asking for photos of local news billboards to be uploaded to Flickr

We are looking for photos of local newspaper billboards near you – those signs on street corners and outside newsagents which you probably walk past every day.

What we’re after is a simple, portrait photo of any billboard that attracts your attention. We’d welcome as many photos as you like of billboards from different newspapers, but please focus on UK-based local newspapers only.

I suppose its a way to break into the hyper/ultra local news market without the regional press complaining (which I work for)

My admission was from the Trumpet of Truth the other day


If there is any other news apart from birdflu then I may take some more.