I Love real ale pump clips – now is this the future?

I am not sure after a first look about the new Bombardier real ale pumps but they may catch on…and I will grow to like then, if I see one in my local as it is quite striking as long as people don’t confuse it with keg beer fonts

I can see why they are doing it to attract the lager drinkers with shine and sparkle… but they may need to explain what a Cask Beer is, or just call it “a lot better than the fizzy rubbish you are drinking”.


Leading cask beer brewer, Wells and Young’s, has unveiled a revolutionary new Bombardier font that is set to change the face of cask beer.

The Wells Bombardier font is being hailed by many industry leaders as the greatest innovation ever in the category, and is set to entice thousands of new consumers to the cask beer category.

Chris Lewis, marketing director at Wells and Young’s says: “The Bombardier font is truly groundbreaking. There is a huge untapped market for cask beer, the challenge being to get people to try the beer, and this new font will do just that.”


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