500 beers by Zak Avery- could easily been 900 beers

Just bought a copy of Zak Avery’s  book “500 Beers” after recommendations from some beer bloggers/twitters

Its a great size book perfect for the smallest room in the house or even the shed

The layout is interesting, with a great introduction to brewing beer at the start and various tips on buying & serving beer.

The beers are separated out into styles such as IPA, Wheat Beer, English Ale and the like with a witty introduction to each style.

With Zak’s recommend beer pointed out on each page with a picture of the bottle and the other small reviews that cover the rest of the page are no nonsense and straight to the point and you can tell he enjoys his beer.

The photos that separate the reviews are great and most are different from the norm and someone has done a great job picking them and for some reason the one on page 137 was enjoyed by all my beer drinking mates who are going to the Oktoberfest.

The only downside is that  there is not enough Welsh Beers, we have an Otley and some Brains and the odd North Wales brews, but I suppose he had to stop somewhere!

But if you want a good resource to have to hand when you are planning your next beer buying trip then this is a winner.

Whether you want a light lager perfect for summer drinking, a rich stout or a full-bodied ale, there is a beer in this volume for every occasion. Featuring a beer for every day of the year with plenty to spare, follow the friendly, expert guidance provided by the author to develop your tastes and find which type of beer suits you best. This comprehensive collection will inspire every beer drinker to venture beyond their comfort zone and try out some of the finest beers in the world. If you’ve always wanted to know the difference between a lager and an ale, wondered how beer is produced, or needed advice on how to match beer with food, here is the book for your. 500 Beers takes the guesswork out of fixing drinks, with tips on everything from selecting glasses to storing, pouring and tasting. About the author Zak Avery is a beer expert and freelance journalist. Having worked in specialist beer retail for many years, he has carved a niche for himself as one of the best beer writers in the UK. He serves on the committee of the British Guild of Beer Writers, and in 2008 won their highest award: Beer Writer of the Year. He is regularly asked to judge beer competitions, most notably the International beer Challenge, a London-based competition that annually establishes the best 50 beers in the world. Zak lives in Leeds.

You can follow Zak on Twitter or his website.