How do you Store/display you beer – show me your cupboard

Iam in need of some help, currently I store my ever increasing collection of beer (thanks Brewdog) in two wine racks and on a shelf but its not the best option, beer is laying down which I think is not great.

Brewdog beers

so I thought i would ask twitter, and got a good response so decided to create a blog and get the lovely beer drinking people of Britain and the world to Share their Beer Cupboards.

some great Beer Cupboards so far, so I can get some ideas for my own beer storage – but looking at some of the brill efforts I think this may run and run.

My Mate Rob showing off

Cardiff “Lager” Blogger Pint of 45


So if you have a great way of storing your beer, then please add your beer cupboard/shelf/fridge/table/shed over here.