I know about pimping sheds – but not canon camera lenses so tried @lenspimp

I have the week off work for shedweek (next week!) so thought I would take the chance if the weather holds to go out and take some photos of Garden Sheds on allotments and the like.

One of my things to do before Iam 45 ( 6 years time) is to create a shed photo book (what you say it’s been done before! 😉 which gets published (even If I have to do it myself), yea it’s not going to happen is it.

But to get my creative juices flowing (what the hell does that mean really), I have rented a half decent wide angle lens after using robs Sigma the other week at the Beer festival.

I have got it from Lens pimp only just heard about them and never used them before but they delivered it very quickly and well packed, so happy to start with.

It’s a Canon EF-S 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5 USM

With its effective focal length range of approximately 16-35mm in 35mm format, the EF-S 10-22mm f/3
5-4 5 USM is a remarkable lens with outstanding image quality that will take your photography into new dimensions and areas of dramatic expression
The super-wide zoom not only gives you the freedom to get exactly what you want in the shot, it dramatically alters perspective to allow for dynamic expression
The lens allows you to get extremely close to subjects, exaggerating the difference in size between a near object and its background
Creative photographers can use this phenomenon to create excellent separation between subject and background for a strong sense of presence, or for a pan-focus effect with everything from foreground to background sharply in focus

Normally they retail for about £600 which is totally out of my league but i have rented it for 6 days for £29.00 plus insurance & delivery.

This wont be a review of the lens (you can find that elsewhere) just showing some photos I took with it

I will test it out more as these are just some quick shots hand held but they do have some great lenses on the site so I think the next few months will try out a few wide lens before I decide which one to save for.