Last nights Cardiff Bloggers meetup went for James Cuff stayed for the Polenta Chips #cdfblogs

Being that my day job is as the development powerhouse behind the Walesonline/YourCardiff team (yes It’s not just sheds with me and sarcasm, oh it is) then I had to go last night to PicaPica for the first Cardiff Blogger Meetup of the year, even if it was just to carry the projector.

It was well organised by @ed_walker86 and @hrwaldram and the free drink went down well.

Of course the real reason I had to go was to support my mate and some would say better looking and younger jedi padawan James “Cuffy” Cuff, who did a very good job (You were lucky Ed did not ask me cause I drone on and on ) even though the singing and dancing next door did drown out some of his buzzwords, Ed maybe a PA next time 😉

But the main aim of the night was the meet up and I think that worked very well, alliances were started, online arguments were quelled and friendships made.

It was great to meet up with @CardiffBites finally and I think the Food/Drink bloggers should have a splinter FoodDrinkTweetup sometime, maybe at PicaPica as the Food was great… First time I had Polenta Chips and they were #nomnomnom.

I got talking to a few people and one thing that was an occurring theme a lot of them are after the same eyeballs – in terms of they want people to look at their Local news blogs/sites and a few see it as a step up to mainstream media companies, which is all good for the future of local journalism.

Unlike some of the bloggers networking last night I am quite happy to keep my passions in the shed, if I did slip out sometimes and bored a few people (Iam sorry) a quiet inside shed voice should tell me that people are not interested in sheds at these sort of events, I should bore them with WP template tips.

So I suppose I am lucky in a way as I can develop Web stuff in my day job (and get paid to to it) and do the same in my 5to9 work (and get my beer/curry/camera money) so I make both of them pay, both financially and developing my skills and still enjoying it after 15 years as a techy (or should that be tetchy if you know me)

Anyway here’s a photo of a few of us, via Dom from Welshicons, nice to meet him again after our previous Bloggers meeting at the Vulcan last year.