My family coat of arms should be an apple plus Cheddar its not all about a big hole and cheese

We visited Cheddar in Somerset, to look at the gorge as today the weather was so nice.

I have not been there for about 18 years, that was with my mate Will (who was brought up in nearby Axbridge) and I could remember Cheddar was great village with some great pubs and too much cider.

We were not a big fan of the village now its gone a bit trashy with the tourism and trinket shops taking over the place.

But the upside was the Beer and Cider.

Firstly the Cider! A great little shop that sold Cider & Cheese, and not your tourist branded stuff, great Farm stuff, and the name of this great Cider was Wilcox Cider, wonder I like scrumpy, I never know my family name got that far east from the Welsh valleys 😉

In the small shop right by the Riverside Inn (which we went into but it was packed so no room to eat, and they had Cheddar ales on as well) you can buy various ciders straight from the barrel into flagons.

Wilcox Cider

I went for the “tipple” – a mix of Sweet & Dry and the Mrs picked up some smoked Cheddar £5 for both, Bargin.

Wilcox Cider

Another gem in the rough was a great beer shop called West Country Ales they say they have over 100 beers & Cider from across the West country.


I spent 15 mins in there while the Mrs looked around the overpriced but posh cheese shop across the road, the selection of bottled ales was wonderfull.. and I managed to settle on some local brews from Cheddar Ales and one from Bath Ales.

Beers from westcountryales - Cheddar Bews

The only downside is which bottle to gift to Rob, as he will no doubt bring me back something from his trip to the Far east of England.

If you are down that way and have room in your boot I would recommend paying them a visit they also give 10% off for Camra members.

Unfortunately I was unable to taste the local beers on tap, as the pub the Mrs decided on for lunch Bath Arms Hotel only had these brews on, but the Courage was not bad.

not the best choice

Anyway go for the cheese and the gorge but stay for the Beer & Cider… it was busy today so I would not like to visit in the heat of summer with the bus loads of tourists!