Coffee Coffee Coffee Blah Blah Blah

I drink lots of coffee I have an espresso machine I grind beans (from a blend I have mixed myself)

I take photos of my coffee, the beans and the froth

YES I’m a coffee bore – but I love the taste and love the hit – so I’m not all sheds (some beer – coffee porters FTW).

I buy my beans from 3 different places

1) PactCoffee

2) Coffee Direct via Amazon

3) Aldi/Lidl/ Supermarket bulk offers(when available)

I tend to us an espresso machine but also use the hipsters coffee machine of choice the Aeropress

I’m also trying out some Nespresso Carte Noire capsules that I have been sent but in the meantime some nice glasses

but I’m looking to get a V60 as well –

The V60 has similarities to other brewing methods, but differences in design make it a unique method all its own. Constructed with raised, spiraled ribs and a wide aperture that allows coffee to pass evenly through the paper filter, the V60 brews quickly and makes a nuanced, balanced cup.

so if you buy any coffee from pact and I could win one:)

Introduce three coffee-loving friends to Pact and we’ll post you a V60 Starter Kit, giving you a whole new way to brew.
Your personal invitation code is:


Anyone with access to this code will be able to claim their first bag of Pact Coffee for £1.

as I said I’m not a cofee geek just a bore