Look after your teeth and visit the dentist

There are three things in life I don’t fancy much

  • Going to the dentists (thanks to bad childhood experience with gas/air)
  • Anything with Cinnamon in
  • Walking over bridges

More on the last two another day.

Big tooth
photo credit: bfurlong

So I spent a few hours yesterday afternoon at the university dental hospital in Cardiff having a molar out that has been causing me pain since before Christmas.

I won’t go into graphic details but just to say I have a very low pain threshold so I had to be sedated beforehand with treemarzipan (or something) to calm me down, then had injections in the pallet and gum.

Anyway it took over an hour for the Dr and calm and helpful nurse to remove the offending tooth, but then they had to cut into the gum and clip the bone to remove the roots, and then sew up my gums, the worse thing is the noise(Crunch,crack, pop) and seeing blood and bits of teeth going up the suction tube next to you!

So as you would think I am a bit tender in the mouth area and feeling sorry for myself, so I am convalescing today.

I may sit in the sun in Mrs UW summerhouse later (don’t tell here) but on that note thanks to Mrs Uncle Wilco for her support yesterday, as she had to take me and stay with me, in case I went loopy on the drugs, even though she thinks I am a wimp and would never cope with childbirth!, which is true, lucky I don’t have to then…

So the moral is visit your dentist regularly, look after your teeth and gum’s then you wont have to act like a baby when you are in your late 30’s in front of the dentist/Dr and nurses.

I can’t drink alcohol for 24 hours after the op…(for some made readson) so may have a pint on Wednesday…