Diffusion photography festival – Old Tram Shed Cardiff

The first thing that hits you is the size of the space – the 2nd is the smell of motor oil and old worked metal (just like my dad’s old lathe in my youth, a reassuring smell) and the sound of the broken roof fans – clicking along.

It’s been a while since it was used as a tram shed and is now up for sale – but it would make a brilliant permanent location for art (or maybe a craft brewery!)

It’s open as part of the City Wide Cardiff International Festival of Photography aka Diffusion (1-31 May 2013)

But I went for the photos! – Especially the retrospective  of Welsh Valleys photos from the likes of David Hurn

Opening The Rhondda Fair, 1975 © David Hurn

and Philip Jones Griffiths

Boy Destroying Piano, 1961 © Philip Jones Griffiths

But to be honest I loved the tram shed (no not because it’s a shed)  the best – as a lot of the original signs and fitting where still there when the exhibition is over at the end of the month – they should do a exhibition of the tram shed!


Clare Road (entrance on Pendyris Street)
CF11 6QP