The best Craft Beer Pub in London is the Euston Tap

OK that’s just my opinion and I only visit the City a few times a year, but hey –

I was down that London for a meeting about something else I do

And after recommendations from Twitter and Rob, in fact he said I had to go, so not wanting to make a ‘port boy angry.

Before I headed back to Wales (and the impending snow doom) I jumped on the tube and went to Euston, but it took me 10 mins to find the pub as I had no idea it was in a Grade II listed West Lodge right at the front of Euston Station but you can’t really miss it – but being a slow Welsh boy..

Euston Tap

Its a tiny pub with great looking bar and the beers served from taps behind the bar, both Keg & Cask with two large fridges with various bottles of unique beer, there is a tight stairs which leads up to a small lounge area and toilet (since changed)

Euston Tap

Euston Tap

There was about 6 people in there when I got there, and I can see it getting very busy with commuters so will get full very quickly, but its a great looking pub and the beers are great.

Euston Tap

The barman was very helpful & friendly (should have asked his name) and we had a chat about Welsh Beer and the brilliance that is Odell labels!

odell brewing bottles

I only had four halfs before I had to get to Paddington.

My photos are a bit blurred and I never write down what I have as I normally take photos of the clips:(

Thornbridge – Winter brew (Merry?)

Marble Porter (McKenna’s Revenge ?)- wonderfully brilliant! I would love it in bottles

Ossett Big Red (4.0% ABV) – very good…

Marble Best – a great one to end on..

I will be revisiting the Euston Tap and will try and sample some of the 150 bottles beers sometime in the new year and its currently my favourite pub in London – usurping the Jerusalem Tavern

If you like beer and are visiting London then give some time and divert over to Euston.

Euston Tap