How I made some rhubarb gin and other concoctions

The last few months I have like the rest of the UK got a taste for gin – be it Edinburgh Gin, sloe gin or good old London Gin.

I have mixed it with soda water, added Lime or Lemon – different types of Tonic Water – and plain water.

but looking online it seemed like everyone one was making their own gin addons- using the spirit and adding nice stuff.

So we had lots of Rhubarb growing in the garden – so thought would give it go.

Recipe for Rhubarb Gin.


Rhubarb (enough to make a large crumble with_
Sugar (Brown cane)
Apple Juice
Vanilla extract (not any old rubbish mind)
A bottle with a cork or flip top thing.

trim the Rhubarb cut up into small chunks

Boil in a pan with a bit of Apple juice – add a nice bit of brown cane sugar to remove enough of the bitter taste and a cap of Vanilla extract – simmer for 15 mins.

Right now you have two choices

Sieve the Rhubarb and eat it with some Vanilla Ice cream – add the left over sugar syrup to the bottle of gin.

or just add the whole concoction into the bottle – leave for a few weeks (with weekly sips just to check)

Just made a cherry version of it as well and my measurements are as useful

Sugar (brown cane)
Red Wine
Vanilla extract

Don’t cook as much as the rhubarb just get it so they are soft and sweet – cool then put in a bottle and top up with Gin – Wait – Drink

my next attempt is to makes some coffee flavored Rum like the Ibiza fisherman drink.