Sun Sea and Ale in Newquay West Wales

I spent a nice 4 days in Newquay West Wales last week, the weather was good, the food was seaside stuff and the beer ranged from bad, good to excellent

I was lucky to call into the The Sea Horse Inn , its a very traditional pub, and a certain lived in feel.

The horse racing was always on and the regulars were more interested in Fizzy Cider or Lager, but there was one ale one Green King LBA (and a few bottles)


Sorry for the blurry photos my new android phone camera is not very good in low light 🙁

But on Thursday it changed as they were having their Annual Beer Festival (and it lasts until Bank Holiday Monday so get over there!)


There had a small selection from the barrel plus a few on tap on the bar, some beers I have had many times before but always great to have them straight from the barrel.


We went back on the Thursday night and had a great time, they had a few locals playing guitar and singing and we left just after twelve.. a good night and a good welcome.

The rest of new quay was mainly Brains only , but the Dolau Inn had a nice pint of the Rev


But the worst pint of Black Sheep I have ever had, in the Black Lion, Dylan Thomas must have like something else when he reportly drank there while coming up with Under milk wood

Another pint of note was Felinfoel Bitter in the The Royal Oak Aberaeron.


overall a successful few days away, nice to spend a few days with my son as well as drinking beer and eating fish and chips!