Did #ignitecardiff relight my social media fire?

Last night I went with my work operatives from Walesonline (@jamescuff @joniayn @ed_walker86 and a vistor from Midlands @brumroadrunner) to the ignitecardiff event.

Bascially geeks and online lot get up and talk about something for 5 minutes? You get 20 slides for 15 seconds a slide. They are automatically timed so you are forced to move forward when your slide does, we had amongst other subjects Salt, cats who design, karaoke chat & thingaweek.

ignite Cardiff - "ENJOY"

I thought I could see point a bit, but maybe

1) I am a grumpy SOD
2) Prefer a quiet pint
3) my Social Media circle should stay online – is it wrong to meet people you only talk to online – you only get disappointed.
4) Don’t get it – must be my age and could never make paper planes anyway
5) Networking – I don’t have anything to sell (well apart from sheds and most of these lot are not interested in those)

Maybe all of the above.

Some of the the younger members of the MediaWales (cough Ed) team enjoyed the meeting and greeting, or maybe they are just more social than I.

I may pop to the next one in June.. but will not relay on Cardiff Bus or the wait for a Sam Smiths for 15 mins in the Water Torture Pub.

Sams Smith Oatmeal Stout

Anyway Congrats to all those that organised the event and all that had the wossnames to get up and talk out of their comfort zone.

I think TEDxCardiff would be more my sort of thing..