You remember when you were young? a new LP every other week?

Due to work changes I had to clear out my desk as I’m becoming one of the hotdesk generation.

I’m happy with that as I would prefer to work from my shed anyway, but the downside is that over the last 14 years I have collected a lot of rubbish i.e. personal jetsam

I have tried to hold onto the toys/fancies of digital fun eg Star Wars characters, noise making gadgets and breweriana – that I should have grown out of in my thirties – BTW I’m keeping my TARDIS whatever – but I have given away or recycled the rest.

Digital media is a lot more serious and a gonk is not what separates you from the next twenty year old anymore – even though they were in school when I wrote my first perl script.

But with this last sweep of my late youth – I came about the last LP I ever bought – from 2004, Velvet Revolver’s – excellent debut Contraband.

Three months after I bought it I saw them in Cardiff CIA (see even that has changed)

of course thinking back it was my youth calling when I bought this

Slash was the hero of my youth with his first release on the first tapes I ever bought – G N R Appetite for Destruction,

you can not stop the future – now where’s my DAT of the spaghetti incident.