That’s no Super Moon

Like millions of people I took photos of the Super Moon on Saturday the 19th but unlike everyone else my photos were rubbish – of course I blame my tools, ie using my crappy zoom lens and my knock off gorilla pod mini tripod (aldi 9.99)

Super Moon

Super Moon

but I was wondering why I am getting a few hits on them (a few Thousand a day) – well they are coming up in the Flickr search for Super moon taken on the 19th and relevant!


Bree Louise , Ale, Spilt Pint & Jameson Whisky and the film Moon

Yesterday I had a great afternoon/evening in that London with my mate James Cuff.

We were going to see the Jameson Cult Film Club presentation of the wonderful Duncan Jones Film Moon, we met up with our other mate Neil from Birmingham who just happens to be the officially the unofficial blogger about Moon 😉

We decided to meet up a pub that Rob has been going on for a while the Bree Louise in Euston

Bree Louise

They had a shed load of ales on (no wonder they are Camra pub of the year).

adnams irish Dry,O Hanlon's port stout

redemption beer Urban Dusk

I was a little bit excited about going and I even split a pint as I was lifting it off the bar, the barman and regulars said dont worry “everyone does it” must be the heart palpitations seeing all the great beers on.

We also met up with a mate of Cuffys mate nickthorpe which was nice only had a few pints then it was off to the main event.

But the whole point of the boys trip was to see Moon at The Royal Institution, what a great film and it was the first time to see it on the big screen!

Thanks to neil we got in via the “Special Queue”

Moon - Media Guests & Bloggers

A few members of the technical crew from Moon where there look out for a video of them soon on Neils blog.

Moon Posse in London Hood

The venue was decked out in a moon style and thanks to Jamesons we had some great whisky! and some great “Moon Dust”

Moon Space Dust

The had a great bloke in a Sam suit hanging from the ceiling of the institute.

Sam Bell


anyway one of my favorite shot of the night is Neil looking very happy with himself pictured with the actual Sam Spacesuit from the film.

Moon unklerupert and Sam Suit