How much is the price of a pint of Real Ale in London – £2.40 if you are an MP

The torygraph did a story on the subsidised food and drink for our elected members of parliament

The taxpayers’ subsidy for the bars and restaurants in the Houses of Commons has risen to £5.8m a year, despite promises by parliamentary official to cut public funding for politicians’ meals and drinks.

They did not mention the price of a pint, but after a quick search of the parliment website (hat-tip @arfurD)

The Strangers bar (where MP can bring guests) sells Guest Ales/ Cellarman’s reserve £2.40 a pint.

You can view the full list here.

Or the other prices for the various outlets that we subsidise.

Maybe I should have gone into politics instead of sheds.

I wonder how many pints get quaffed in a year by our MPs at their bars?