Abandoned Penarth – what is behind those doors?

I have only moved to the Welsh seaside town of Penarth recently and have already fallen in love with it – the people are ace, some pubs are great, some shed potential and of course you have the sea on your doorstop.

But the one thing that has starting to become an obsession is the amount of abandoned grand buildings in Penarth – two in particular on Bridgeman road just up from the Pier.

I know people from Penarth are used to these buildings being left to rack and ruin but being an outsider I find it very shocking.

Anyway wish I could go and do some urban exploring and look inside them (I’m not going to) but it would be great to see what’s inside.

On the plus side I’m carrying my camera everywhere I go

All photos are copyright 2016 Andrew Wilcox