Snap happy at the Cardiff Marathon

Yesterday myself and my son, spent most of the day in and around Cardiff taking photos.

Nothing strange there, but we were taking part in the Cardiff photo marathon, the rules are simple.

You receive a 12 picture film.
Over 12 hours you have to take pictures on 12 given topics.

Anyway it was great fun but a bit odd using a film camera but it made you think a lot about pressing that button, as you only had once chance to capture that moment.

I can’t post my entries here as it was film but here’s my certificate to prove I finally did it, if you come to the exhibition mine will be photos 243, the ones that are overexposed or did not come out at all…


and a shot I took while getting a drink during the day, I did wonder what went in Iron Bru!!!


The last time it was held was in 2007 and the winner is here I don’t think they need to fear me!

anyway you an follow what people thought about it as many were twittering while they were snapping.

The staff top notch were very helpful , I will take part next year.. lots of fun but very tired

one of the photomarthoners did a poem as well

Photomarathon 2009
by Mike Alcock (entry 116)

A marathon run
Are you having fun?
Twelve frames shot
What have you got
Shooting on a theme
Running out of steam
Hoping for a prize
Blank behind the eyes
Get them all in time
For Photomarathon 09

All very true!