Fabio Capello – gets a new job in Porec, Croatia

Just got back this week from a holiday in Porec in Croatia a lovely time was had by all 🙂

On the harbour there were loads of gift stands and tat for sale and also a few artists doing 20 minutes portraits of people, your normal holiday souvenir type of thing – you will be glad to hear I did not get one.

But one of the artists look like England’s Football manager Fabio Capello.

fabio capello doing some work on the side?

In fact some of the “celebrity” caricatures, he had done were the England squad, but no David Beckham – I wonder why 😉

If you want to be bored on the interweb, instead of coming round to my shed and looking at hundreds of slides, some of my other Crotia & Venice (we went there for a day on the ferry) photos are here.

Anyway I hope

Fabio Capello

does well in his new job 😉