How long is a delivery from brewdog? ask the lost dog

I have been drinking brewdog beer for a few years after being introduced to them by my mate and all-round beer know it all Rob way back in 2009 and I love their interesting hoppy beers and was even moved to buy some shares the first time round (to get the reduction on further beers bought online mainly to cover the silly postage price).

Now this is my problem.

It always takes two or three times longer for my beer to arrive than I think it should (and every other beer company ever does)

The longest I have waited was 4 weeks and thought they had sorted out issues, fair enough on one occasion when two bottles were broken – they sent new ones within two days.

Most recently I took up their shareholder offer of Lost Dog + Paradox Jura Pack

Lost Dog & Paradox Jura

Paradox Jura is a one off limited release 15% imperial stout aged in Jura whisky casks. Lost Dog is our collaboration with Lost Abbey – a 11.2% Imperial Porter aged in rum casks and comes in a stunning presentation box.

Iam a big fan of Jura whisky – so thought I would give it a go

When i bought it was quoted as

Shareholder only exclusive offer.*
*Please note this is being shipped from Brewdog HQ, and no other items from the shop can be added to this pack as a result. It will also take longer to ship, as a result. We are aiming for 2-3 business days for these awesome craft beers to be delivered to you. It is our way of ensuring you get your paws on these awesome beers. Enjoy Scamps!

2-3 business days – not bad I thought – a new record for them.


I ordered on Thursday 16/02/12 19:51:10 – so maybe wednesday I would get my beer – I emailed them on thursday and got the reply “Should be delivered today or tomorrow at the latest.” – no tracking no reason why.

I got the beer on the 28th Feb – but with no explanation why from brewdog customer service

maybe it’s because I get it delivered to the outpost that is Central Cardiff (Rob seems to get stuff sent to Newport quicker than me)

I know they won’t give a shit about this post as they are too busy being punk and filling sperm whales with beer in collaboration with Watney Combe & Reid or what ever their new marketing ploy is

anyway Iam writing this drinking one of their beers – so Iam the fool really.

Bramling X