Rodenbach Vintage 2007 for £59! and other hits in my logs

I got a bottle of Rodenbach Vintage 2007 beer last Christmas from Rob, still not opened it… maybe next year!

But the last few days I have seen quite a few people finding my post when they search for Rodenbach Vintage via Google but doing the search myself what I thought was interesting is that a Belgium company is selling it on ebay for £59.50!!!

did not think you could sell beer on ebay, but what they are selling is the limited edition bottle 😉

Of course Iam not going to sell mine.. but it’s madness!

some other odd some not so odd things people find this beer/non shed blog for are

pistachio and almond cookies
suzi perry gadget show legs
middle age biker pubs in camden
how much for a pint of beer in cardiff
how to start a beer festival

any one got any tips for bottles of beer to lay down for the future?