Some great Star Wars Foodie related things – Princess Leia Apron for starters

Thinkgeek has some great Star Wars related items for the sci-fi foodie in your life – to be honest I think I can see myself in the Leia apron 🙂

* Kitchen & BBQ apron that instantly turns you into Slave Leia
* Great way to make cooking dinner or making burgers more sexy
* Alternative: Great way to let your significant other know they are Jabba
* One size fits all, 29″ long
* 100% polyester, machine washable

The death star cookie jar is another great product – no if only I can get moon sized cookies nom


Had enough of the World Cup football – why not buy a 2 foot tall stormtrooper

Those Geeks over at ThinkGeek have a massive Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun for sale for a equally massive $299!

The Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun is a big heaping chunk of awesome. The right fist holds a stunning (removable) BlasTech E-11 laser blaster – with an unfoldable stock (it’s that accurate to the original prop)! And the left hand shoots off in spring-loaded, “Rocket Punch” glory. Words sort of fail describing the Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun, so look at the pics. Big. Beautiful. Lovable. Hurry, only 1200 Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun toys are being made – get yours or feel like a clone forever.
Giant Storm Trooper

Limited Edition 24″ Stormtrooper Super Shogun

* Awesome mashup of giant Japanese robot toys of days past and Star Wars Stormtroopers of long, long ago.
* Only 1200 made – individually numbered.
* Features:
o Free rotating wheels on bottom of feet.
o Highly detailed BlasTech blaster with unfoldable stock.
o Spring loaded “Rocket Punch” firing fist.
o Six points of articulation.
o Constructed from durable, blow-molded polyethylene with a painted vinyl helmet (using the same techniques implemented by Japanese toy makers of the 70s).
* Dimensions: 24″ tall. Yup, 2 freakin’ feet tall.

I still want one of these as well

The Tauntaun Sleeping Bag - Invented at ThinkGeek!

anyway good luck to the Imperial team in this years world cup I hope those rebel scum don’t get a hatfull of goals


Thought it was time to grow up then Adidas go and do this

Firstly they launch the range of Adidas Star Wars branded Footwear and now Sports wear.. like this Adidas Originals Star Wars Stormtrooper Hoody.

Would love this, but mrsunclewilco says Iam too old for this, but its aimed at 30 something blokes.