Cheap Stock photos – but mainly Wales & Prague

I have been a member of istockphoto for many years (since 2004, where did that time go) and used it for stock photos for projects, then started to add my own photos, and been lucky to sell some photos which payed for a few new lenses.

They have a system called Dollar Bin, where the unloved and unsold photos go to die and hopefully someone gives them one last chance, here are some examples that have recently done there, as you can see little use as stock 🙁 but I try

You can see and hopefully buy some of my snaps here, of course there are lots of much better photos on sale there for a great price.

being a very amateur snapper, its good to see what people don’t want, so you can think about other ways of seeing things for the next time you have your camera out.

Ironically my most sold Image was taken before I had a DSLR… but that help pay for it!


I do use Flickr as well but that’s mainly for photos from my mobile and it seems to consist of Beer Pumps and dogs.