‘t Brugs Beertje – the best bar in Bruges when it comes to beer?

In Bruges you are spoilt for choice when it comes to bars that sell beer 😉 but the best bar on our recent trip was ‘t Brugs Beertje they have more than 300 bottled beers 🙂

a great atmosphere and when you enter you think just a small bar – but it goes on behind lavs – as well.

another great tourist bar is 2Be Bar – you go for the Wall of Beer – but stay for the cool atmosphere and great beer on tap.

if you are ever in Bruges then the de halve maan brewery is worth a trip – it’s cheap and you get a free (non filtered) beer at the end – the guide was very knowledgeable and the views from the roof looking over the city are great (on a clear day)

of course it was all not beer..

Belgium  May 2012

Belgium  May 2012

They also had the festival “basilica of the holy blood” which was a procession through the town for hours – including at least 8 Jesus, donkeys, camels, lots of sheep a great bell organ and lots of kids with odd tanned faces.

We also visited the Commonwealth War Graves at Tyne Cot – which made me feel numb – looking at the endless graves from the first war – we just don’t realise what they went through.

My grandfather was a lorry driver during the 2nd world war in this area of Belgium but he was one of the lucky ones to return – but so many did not 🙁

Bruges is well worth a trip – if you like beer and chocolate then you are onto a winner 🙂