Thing a Week – Drink – got to be brewdog #thingaweek

Iam a member of the great Thing a week flickr group and try and post as much as I can but this week I could not make my excuses and not post, this weeks subject was Drink 🙂

So I set up my tripod this afternoon in the new Bar area of the house, ok it’s the converted garage but I have manged to use a corner to store my beer.

As brewdog was on top of my beer rack then they were the ones in focus…

This was the shot I finally choose after taking about 30!

Brewdog beer bottle cap #drink thingaweek

Some of the other ones that I don’t think made the grade.

Brewdog beers - Drink

Jack Daniels

Brewdog beers

Cheddar Ales

OK Iam still not up to the half the quality of Rob, but he does have a better camera & glass then me 😉