Would you be afraid of me on a friday night in Cardiff?

update: The photo of me made page 2 in todays South Wales Echo I wondered why people where looking at me strange (more than usual)

In my day job I sometimes get asked to pose for photos (no not like that), I think it’s because I sit next to the picture desk and if they need someone with ladies wrists or a sock model then they turn to me.

But today I was asked by Andrew James to break a bottle with a brick and attack him as if I was a drunken nutter in Cardiff on a Weekend (no sniggering), who says regional Newspapers are not true to life!.

Two things wrong with these pictures

1) I would never drink budweiser
2) I am a pacifist (coward)

Who says the camera never lies.

Anyway you can see more of Andy’s shots over at his blog and his shots of Kate humble are worth a look.