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The Greece national football team, Mythos beer and World Cup Beer Sweepstake

The other week I joined the beer twitters & bloggers behind the wonderful beer swap (still need to write up my beers for swap II, oops) in their new beer related celebration, to coincide with the world cup.

You get allocated a world cup team and you have to pick a beer from that country and drink and review it, then one person wins lots of beer from the kind sponsors, so result I thought you get to taste a great beer from another country, and drink like a local and have the chance to win some great UK beer.

Unfortunately I got Greece 😉

That’s a bit unfair As I love Greece, the country, the people & the food but they are not the ale capital of the world.

Right where in Cardiff could you get a bottle of Greek beer, simples, Wally’s famous deli in one of the Victorian arcades – they had it in the window! £1.35 a bottle result – so not a Greek tragedy finding it.. now the downside drinking it.


I have been to Greece a few times and when you are in that beautiful country in the sun, with the water lapping against your toes after a days lazing on the beach and the smell of oregano and roast lamb in the air, a cold Mythos is the best drink you can have, I would go as far as, it’s the drink of the Gods, also it’s great with a metaxa (a greek brandy) chaser on the side.

A warm evening in the Welsh valleys is another matter, so I put the bottles in the freezer as it has to be very cold.

I was out for a pint of Brains Up & Over, while Greece played Nigeria today.. but to celebrate their two-one win thought It was time to crack open a bottle of Mythos, basically a “Greek” version of Carlsberg who own the brewery.

It’s quite malty, with a slight fizz but overall a bit tasteless but as I said perfect when you are in the lovely Ionian isles in the heat. and you need something to wet your whistle.. I don’t think Greece will go any further in the world cup but at least they can commiserate with a few bottles of their bland brew.



They do a Mythos Red, looks like a new alternative to this bland lager.. so next time you are in Greece grab me a bottle?

Mythos (Μύθος) is a light straw-colored, pilsner style lager introduced in 1997. It is available in both 330 ml and 500 ml bottles or cans. The alcohol content is 5%. It was awarded at the “2001 INTERBEER INTERNATIONAL BEER & WHISKEY COMPETITION”.