Great British Beer Festival – International Beer List

This year I’m going to the GBBF for the first time in about 15 years so really looking forward to it. They have not got the list of UK beers yet but here are the beers from the Bières Sans Frontières bars – if like my mate rob you love a German Brew Achel (Belgium) […]

This year I’m going to the GBBF for the first time in about 15 years so really looking forward to it.

They have not got the list of UK beers yet but here are the beers from the Bières Sans Frontières bars – if like my mate rob you love a German Brew

Achel (Belgium)

Trappist Blond Extra (Bottled)

(9.5% ABV, Trappist)

Achouffe (Belgium)

Houblon Dobbelen IPA Tripel (Bottled)

(9% ABV, Blonde)

Starts with an aroma of malts and citrusy hops. The taste is very much like a tripel with sweet fruit and a light pepperiness, along with a mellow hoppiness.

Alvinne (Belgium)

Extra (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

Floral, fruity nose. Citrusy flavour, oranges, bitter with a dry finish.

Amiata (Italy)

Bastarda Rossa (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV)

Brewed with chestnuts this beer has an aroma which is malty with chestnuts notes. The flavour is slightly tart, malty with a light woodiness.

Contessa (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV)

Piney, fruity, floral aroma. Medium-sweet maltiness, citrus fruits and a dry finish.

Bellevaux (Belgium)

Blonde (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

The aroma is very fruity with some yeasty notes. The taste is also fruity with some flowery notes.

Framboise (Bottled)

(4.8% ABV, Fruit)

Perfumey, raspberry aroma. Medium sweetness but with a slight sharpness and a distinct raspberry flavour.

Birrificio Italiano (Italy)

Amber Shock (Bottled)

(7% ABV)

Strong, original version of a bock, full-bodied and rich in fruity flavours.

Tipopils (Bottled)

(5.2% ABV)

Award-winning pils with a gentle, long, dry hoppy finish.

Birrificio Lambrate (Italy)

Imperial Ghisa (Bottled)

(8.2% ABV)

Smoke and roasted malts and hints of chocolate in the aroma. Moderate smoke in the flavour, coffee, chocolate and dark fruits in the flavour.

Porpora (Bottled)

(7.5% ABV)

Porpora is an interesting Bock hopped with Styrian Golding, Perla and Cascade and dry hopped with Styrian Golding.

Boelens (Belgium)

Bieken (Bottled)

(8.5% ABV, Honey)

Light and not-too-sweet honey ale, a BSF favourite.


(6.5% ABV)

Hazy yellow-amber with a pinkish shine; good, dense, whipped egg-white head. Strawberry nose as in ice cream or yoghurt flavouring. Faint sweet-sourness, the taste impression is malty, as in pale pilsener malt, with a background of strawberry flavouring.

Prinsesken (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV, Fruit)

Hazy yellow-amber with a pinkish shine; good, dense, whipped egg-white head. Strawberry nose as in ice cream or yoghurt flavouring. Faint sweet-sourness, the taste impression is malty, as in pale pilsener malt, with a background of strawberry flavouring.

Boon (Belgium)

Oude Kriek (Bottled)

(6% ABV, Lambic)

Traditionally made kriek with unusually intense fruit making it sweeter than most.

Brùton (Italy)

Momus (Bottled)

(7.5% ABV)

Belgian Dubbel style. Sweet aroma with dried fruits and light yeast notes. The flavour is malty, fruity with a dry finish.

Brasserie des Geants (Belgium)

Ducassis (Bottled)

(3% ABV, Fruit)

Natural beer with added blackcurrants. Sweet and sour on the palate with blackcurrants dominating.

Brootcoorens (Belgium)

Angélus Blonde (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

Light hoppy aroma, sweet malty and yeast flavour.

Désir (Bottled)

(9% ABV, Spice)

Brewed with 9 different spices, this beer has a spicy, citrusy aroma. Bitter-sweet spicy flavour.

Cantillon (Belgium)

Gueuze Bio (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Lambic)

The real thing, sour and dry, citrus with a slightly bitter finish. Brewed using only organically grown cereals.

Lambic 2 Years Old

(5% ABV)

Dry and lemony, the basic ingredient of Gueuze.

Lou Pepe Kriek

(5% ABV)

Dry, aromatic, deep rose coloured, pure unblended Kriek.

Rose De Gambrinus (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Lambic)

Delicate pink colour, raspberry aroma, astringent mouth feel, and sour flavour.

Cazeau (Belgium)

Touray Blond (Bottled)

(7.2% ABV, Blonde)

Malty, hoppy aroma with some yeasty notes. The flavour is fruity, peppery with a slight sharpness.

Christoffel (Netherlands)


(6% ABV)

Unfiltered, unpasteurised bitter pilsner from The Netherlands.

De Cam (Belgium)

Oude Geuze (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV, Lambic)

Very pale hazy orange, a bit like witbier; huge, fluffy white head. Yoghurt, horse blanket, lemony, some wet wood, grapefruit, pineapple. Tart, but not very outspoken. Again pineapple, wood, lactic acid. Very mild gueuze, but unsweetened. Very refreshing, light tartness, very little acid burn. Long lactic-sourish aftertaste. A very good ‘beginners’ gueuze – beginners with the real stuff.

De Dolle Brouwers (Belgium)

Arabier (Bottled)

(8% ABV, Blonde)

Spicy, yeasty aroma. The flavour is both tart and bitter with a nice malty sweetness.

De Molen (Netherlands)

Hot & Spicy

(10.2% ABV)

A Smoked Imperial Stout with Madame Jeanettes. These are chilli peppers from Suriname.

Mout en Mocca (Bottled)

(10% ABV, Fruit)

Lots of coffee in the aroma with hints of ash/smoke. Lots and lots of coffee in the flavour along with some bitter chocolate notes.

Op & Topp Brett

(4.5% ABV)

Complex aroma of malt and citrus fruits. The flavour is fairly sweet with a lactic tartness with a hoppy finish.

Tsarina Esra Reserva

(11% ABV)

Dark brown in colour with an aroma of caramel, chocolate, dried fruit and liquorice. The taste is more dark chocolate with a light peat smokiness, tobacco and a warming sweetness. This version has undergone extra maturation in a huge wooden barrel from which it will be directly served.

De Ranke (Belgium)

Hop Harvest (Bottled)

(8% ABV, Blonde)

Very hoppy, citrusy and spicy aroma. The flavour is bready with yeasty notes and a hoppy bitterness.

Kriek (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Fruit)

Fresh cherries are macerated in a well hopped beer then mixed with Girardin Lambic.

Saison de Dottignies

(5.5% ABV)

Hoppy, spicy, flowery aroma. Good balance of malt and hops and a dry finish.

Drie Fonteinen (Belgium)

Oude Geuze (Bottled)

(6% ABV, Lambic)

Orange-coloured, distinctively dry and lemony with a delicate bitterness in the finish.

Drie Horne (Belgium)


(7% ABV)

Whole bananas and sultanas fermented in an amber ale of character.

Bananatana (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Fruit)

Whole bananas and sultanas fermented in an amber ale of character.

Myrtilleir (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Fruit)

Beer fermented with myrtille berries, known as bilberries in the UK.

Dupont (Belgium)

Monk’s Stout (Bottled)

(5.2% ABV, Stout)

Hints of coffee in the aroma. The taste is of roasted malt, coffee, spices with a slight sourness.

Saison Dry Hopping (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV, Blonde)

Fruity, hoppy aroma with notes of hay. The taste is citrusy, bitter with a light spiciness.

Elav (Italy)

Celtic Mater (Bottled)

(4.5% ABV)

Grunge IPA (Bottled)

(6.3% ABV)

Emelisse (Netherlands)

Black IPA

(8% ABV)

Espresso Stout (Bottled)

(10% ABV, Stout)

Lots of coffee in the aroma. The flavour is more coffee with dark chocolate and a long bitterness with a hint of hops.

Imperial Russian Stout (Jack Daniels)

(11% ABV)

This IRS has been matured in an ex-Jack Daniels whiskey barrel. Coffee in the aroma with vanilla and bourbon notes. Warming with bitter coffee notes, well balanced.

Imperial Russian Stout (Laphroaig)

(11% ABV)

This IRS has been matured in an ex-Laphroaig whisky barrel. Phenolic and smoky on the nose. Well-bodied with a background sweetness and lots of smoke in the flavour.

Endorama (Italy)

Malombra (Bottled)

(6.7% ABV)

Made with hops Sorachi Ace, perfumed and harmonious.

Milkyman (Bottled)

(4.2% ABV)

Beer with hints of coffee, chocolate, and a sweet softness from the addition of lactose.

Extraomnes (Italy)

Zest (Bottled)

(5.3% ABV)

The nose is dominated by citrus fruit resembling grapefruit and bergamot. Light-bodied with an initial maltiness and leads into a refreshing bitterness.

Fantôme (Belgium)

Chocolat (Bottled)

(8% ABV, Fruit)

Hazy golden colour with mild cocoa aroma and a flavour of fruit and spice.

Girardin (Belgium)

Framboise (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Fruit)

Raspberry sweet with a tiny balancing lambic sourness.


(5% ABV)

Delicate cherry flavour, refreshing, with a background lambic taste.


(5% ABV)

Slightly lemony with a slight sourness, the basic ingredient of Gueuze.

Glazen Toren (Belgium)

Jan de Lichte (Bottled)

(7.5% ABV, Wheat)

Brewed with barley and wheat malts as well as oats and buckwheat. The aroma is yeasty with notes of coriander. The flavour is more fruity, citrusy with a light spiciness.

Grain D’orge (Belgium)

Witte Kosberger (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Wheat)

Light, easy-going wheat beer with an aroma of lemon and spice. The flavour is more yeasty and spicy, a very refreshing beer.

Gulpener (Netherlands)

Korenwolf (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Wheat)

A balance between German style and Belgian style wheat beers. It is a superbly refreshing, highly drinkable beer. Elderberry flower, coriander and orange peel are added to give an alluring aroma.

Hofbrouwerijke (Belgium)

Blondelle (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

A spirited and spicy blonde with a full-mouthed malty taste and a light scent of flowers.

Hofblues (Bottled)

(5.5% ABV, Stout)

This beer has a mocha aroma with a subtle touch of sweetness. The slightly roasted and bitter taste makes this stout a very enjoyable drink.

Ij (Netherlands)

Ijwit (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Wheat)

Coriander and orange peel in the nose. Well-balanced taste in both sweetness and sourness and a nice citrusy flavour.


(5% ABV)

Hoppy, fruity aroma. On the tongue it is hoppy and aromatic with a refreshing bitter finish.

Jopen (Netherlands)

Extra Stout (Bottled)

(5.5% ABV, Stout)

The aroma is predominantly light roasted malt. More roasted malt in the flavour with hint of coffee with a slightly dry finish.

Kerkom (Belgium)

Bink Blond

(5.5% ABV)

Fruity flavour with an ultra bitterness.

Kleine Duimpje (Netherlands)

Xtreme Baltic Coffee Choco Mocca Porter (Bottled)

(9% ABV, Porter)

Roasted malt mocha and coffee on the nose. The flavour is more coffee with chocolate and more roasted malt ending with a bitter finish.

La Rulles (Belgium)

Blonde (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

Brewed with Pilsener and amber malts this beer has a light biscuity flavour with a soft bitterness.

Opperbacco (Italy)

TriplIPA Special Edition (Bottled)

(7.8% ABV)

This special edition is bottled with fresh Simcoe hop. Caramel and tropical fruit in the aroma. The flavour is sweet and very hoppy with a distinct bitter finish.

Tripping Flowers (Bottled)

(6.3% ABV)

Imperial Pils in style. The aroma is fruity and yeasty, the taste is spicy and slightly bitter.

Orval (Belgium)

Orval (Bottled)

(6.2% ABV, Trappist)

Unique orange colour with peppery dryness and slight tartness, strong dry hop character.

Oude Beersel (Belgium)

Oude Kriek (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV, Lambic)

Slightly fruity aroma with some sourness. Cherry clearly present in the flavour with a good sourness and a complex bittersweet finish.

Prael (Netherlands)


(5.7% ABV)

Mildly spicy with a biscuity maltiness. Citrus and grassy notes in the finish.

Mary (Bottled)

(9.6% ABV, Blonde)

Sweet, malty aroma with notes of caramel. The flavour is quite sweet and fruity with warming alcohol coming through.

Ramses (Netherlands)

Den Dorstige Tijger (Bottled)

(6.6% ABV, Blonde)

Hoppy aroma with some caramel malt. Slightly fruity flavour with a fairly bitter finish.

Revelation Cat (Italy)

3YO Laphraoig (Bottled)

(7% ABV)

3YO Marsala (Bottled)

(7% ABV)

Cream Ale (Bottled)

(5% ABV)

A Cream Ale inspired by the pre-prohibition America. Brewed with Mikkel of Mikkeller (Denmark).

Mad Walloper (Bottled)

(6% ABV)

South Pacific Ale (Bottled)

(6.2% ABV)

West Coast Double IPA (Bottled)

(9% ABV)

Fruity, piney aroma. Medium-bodied with a complex flavour including grass, orange, pine resin and a nice bitterness.

West Coast IPA (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV)

This beer is an IPA brewed as they do on the US West Coast. Clean, clear, dry hop juice. Dry-hopped with Summit hops.

Rochefort (Belgium)

10 (Bottled)

(11.3% ABV, Trappist)

Hyper-strong, mouth-warming, mystical ale with fig like aroma. A real nightcap!

Schelde (Netherlands)

Hop Ruiter (Bottled)

(8.5% ABV, Blonde)

Hop Ruiter has a full, almost rustic malt body, and pairs Belgian yeast-driven flavours with American assertive hoppiness. It is dry hopped, with two noble varieties which add complexity, delicacy and a bit of funk.

Silly (Belgium)

Titje (Bottled)

(4.7% ABV, Wheat)

Citrusy, flowery aroma. Lots of liquorice and coriander in the flavour with a slight tartness.

Strubbe (Belgium)

Crombe Oud Kriekenbier (Bottled)

(6.5% ABV, Fruit)

Lots of cherry in the aroma along with a light sourness. Lots more sour cherries in the flavour along with some woody and acidic notes.

Struise (Belgium)

Svea IPA (Bottled)

(7% ABV, Blonde)

The aroma has notes of pine and peaches. The flavour is slightly sweet, fruity with a moderately bitter finish.

Texelse (Netherlands)

Texels Wit (Bottled)

(5% ABV, Wheat)

This beer has a lemony, sour aroma and a taste is grainy and citrusy.

Van Den Bossche (Belgium)

Lamoral Degmont Tripel (Bottled)

(8% ABV, Blonde)

Fruity nose with a slight yeastiness leads into a fruity, spicy flavour and a mild bitterness.

Verhaeghe (Belgium)

Echte Kriekenbier (Bottled)

(6.8% ABV, Fruit)

An oak-aged Flemish brown beer in which whole cherries have been steeped giving a nice balance of sweet and tartness A classic example of the style.

Vicaris (Belgium)

Tripel (Bottled)

(8.5% ABV, Blonde)

Spicy, citrusy aroma. The flavour is mildly spicy with fruity, yeasty notes.

White Dog (Italy)

Boot Hill

(5.5% ABV)

From the only Italian brewery producing cask-conditioned real ale this is a well-balanced English IPA with long bitter finish. Naturally hazy as no finings are used.

Born to be Mild

(4.2% ABV)

Darker Shade of Pale

(5.8% ABV)

A dark IPA, quite hoppy, slightly bitter.

Zennebrouwerij (Belgium)

Jambe de Bois Tripel (Bottled)

(8% ABV, Blonde)

Fruity, lemony aroma. Sweetish malt flavour with fruity, peppery notes.

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