Beer of the Week – Tudor Brewery Sugarloaf

A small introduction to these posts I have been taking photos of Beer Clips (the Badges on beer pumps) for many years now.. (It’s like train spotting for the inebriated) and even started a Flickr Group with them on.

When it started it was just a record of what I had consumed but now I tend to go out of my way to have a guest ale when I am not in Cardiff, my other local the Otley in Treforest always has a good selection on.

Eight times out of ten the beer is pretty good, the only problem drinking in Cardiff is that the lack of pubs that serve drinkable guest ale, so I tend to go to the love em or hate em wetherspoons, so not withstanding the chavs & babies, they do have free wifi so I can send the clips straight from the bar.

Anyway the beer, this week is Tudor Brewery Sugarloaf

Tudor Brewery Sugarloaf

Brewed by the Tudor Brewery which is in the Kings Arms public house in Abergavenny (which looks a lovely pub and will be on my visiting list If i go to the Food Festival this year)

It was a lovely beer with sweet smell and at at 4.2% abv was an easy session beer

[rating stars=”5″]

They say

Sugarloaf is a well rounded full-bodied caramelised beer using local ingredients. Suitable with rare charbroiled steak and fresh hamburger.

So if you can grab a pint then do so…


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  • @shedworking i think there is a website out there where people put their sheds (share I think) maybe include that on the bibiowossname 😉
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Well done Ireland – what a scorcer

I was at home (due to that bug) watching the game and trying to cook tea (got my appetite back so that’s good) at the same time, but also managed to follow the buzz on twitter but next year I will be in the pub!

What was interesting was what people were saying twitter you could see it live so using a website a bit like the googlefight , said Ireland would win before the end… based on the tagwords and general searchyness(!) Ireland was mentioned every 1 second, Wales was mentioned every 7 seconds.


Cheap Stock photos – but mainly Wales & Prague

I have been a member of istockphoto for many years (since 2004, where did that time go) and used it for stock photos for projects, then started to add my own photos, and been lucky to sell some photos which payed for a few new lenses.

They have a system called Dollar Bin, where the unloved and unsold photos go to die and hopefully someone gives them one last chance, here are some examples that have recently done there, as you can see little use as stock 🙁 but I try

You can see and hopefully buy some of my snaps here, of course there are lots of much better photos on sale there for a great price.

being a very amateur snapper, its good to see what people don’t want, so you can think about other ways of seeing things for the next time you have your camera out.

Ironically my most sold Image was taken before I had a DSLR… but that help pay for it!


I do use Flickr as well but that’s mainly for photos from my mobile and it seems to consist of Beer Pumps and dogs.


John Martyn at the BBC

I have sky+ these two shows about the late great John Martyn that were on BBC Four last night and will catch up with them soon.

I think I have seen them before, but always worth a watch as he was a nutter but a wonderful guitarist and of the course the voice at the start was sublime.

I went to see John a  few years ago in Cardiff, after his leg amputation, he was playing Solid Air in full, due to all his problems it was a good show as he could still play great guitar, I even wrote a review.

A friednofafriend of mine Taif, played bass with him a few years ago on tour and here he talks about John..


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BBC uses Adobe AIR to install a list of swear words to users machines. | Psyked
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  • also works! but don’t expect some great insights…
  • does anyone know any "shed" builders who would make a Special Dog kennel for Chairty? cheap or for publicity?
  • Shedblog: Shed Lawyer on the case
  • Shedblog: Allotment sheds on Google street map/view
  • Shedblog: Beach huts sell for £40,000 each
  • feeling a lot better – even got round the last hour to starting a personal blog…. (no idea who he is!) only 9 years late
  • Shedblog: Two great competitions to win Stuff on readersheds
  • @ricodaniels remember to take photos of the barns/sheds they are in! we may have use for them!
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    Model – Katie Amies L..



I thought it was time I set up my own personal blog.. away from the sheds and my alter ego of Uncle Wilco!

not been too well the last 24 hours (just a bug and feel better but you know what us blokes are like)

So got me thinking I need to spend time on things that make me happy, and hopefully I will put them on this blog…

at the moment my other social stuff will be landing in the Lifestream column and it should make daily updates, but I hope to add other ramblings to this as well.