Camper van tour of the Welsh coast

One of the highlights of the year was 10 days driving from South Wales up to Anglesey in our “new” camper van Ronnie – here are my photos


My new raised bed now what shall i grow?

I have recently bought a raised bed kit , Well i don’t have time to make one and it would look like something Reg Prescott would make.

finally I got round to buying compost today and added it to the frame.


it also has a external frame


and a waterproof greenhouse effect type cover, to keep his nibs off and help me grow things.


I have planted some Spinach and rocket seeds today and will hopefully transplant my courgette plants in there, or what would you green fingered among you recommend?

on another note, our 2 year old Strawberry plants gave us a small bounty of fruit today…


they were very nice.. as you can see.


with lots more to come, of course this is nothing compared to our neighbor who has got 85 strawberry plants on his allotment, I hope he has some spares!