Bacon, Yes , Caramel Yes – best bar snacks in Cardiff ever

First it was the amazing hop infused crisps, now Paul from the Urban Tap house has outdone himself with his candied bacon strips.

This is not a review just a celebration of what is good with the world “Streaky bacon encased in caramel”- they glistened in the afternoon light – saying eat me eat me – we know how good salted caramel is so these taste amazing – one ok, two is too much but what a bar snack (£1 a strip is not cheap but worth it’s weight in Caramel) and an amazing Amuse-bouche to what this man can do with a fryer – I’am told his deep fried gherkins are a thing of beauty as well.

Candied bacon strips

Candied bacon strips

Candied bacon strips


Cardiff brewery Brains pigs out with a Bacon Beer for GBBF

When I heard that Cardiff brewery Brains are making a Bacon flavoured beer I Was interested and now they have given some more info then more so

Shame Iam not going to GBBF this year -now I wonder if they used smoked bacon but I do hope they have it in a few of their local bars here on it’s release – not 100% sure on the name – but will give it a go as Bacon and Beer are normally top of my list of things I love (next to sheds)

Brains returns to the GBBF with a double chocolate and bacon porter

Wales’ leading brewer is preparing to make its seventh visit to Britain’s biggest beer festival with their biggest ever range of beers including a brand new double chocolate and bacon porter inspired by a trip to the States.

A-Pork-Alypse was brewed by Brains’ Head Brewer, Bill Dobson, after a trip to the Great American Beer Festival in Denver. Bill Dobson said: ‘‘The range of beer styles, flavours and ingredients used in the beers at the GABF was incredible and the one that really stood out used bacon in the brew. I came back from The States wanting to brew my own, and after a few trial and errors with the quantity of bacon I brewed A-Pork-Alypse, a double-chocolate and bacon porter. A grist of roast and smoked malts with freshly grilled bacon added to the boil along with cacao nibs gives the beer a smoky flavour alongside the chocolate.”

A-Pork-Alypse will be available on the bar along with three other beers from the Brains Craft Brewery. Bragging Rights, brewed to an ancient Welsh style called ‘bragawd’; Atlantic White, a white IPA and Dissolution, a Belgian dubbel brewed with Pete Brown as part of the Continental Beer Challenge.

Another experimental brew will also be available on an extremely limited basis of one firkin a day. Low-Hanging Fruit pays reverence to one of Brains most loved beers – an easy-drinking dark mild with a wild twist of being soured with Morello cherries.

Brand Manager, Ian Beattie, said: “The ale market is changing and one of the drivers is consumers demanding choice, so again this year we have extended our range of beers that we take to the GBBF. While we still have a great demand for our national favourites from our long-standing core range of beers, we also use the festival as a showcase for the Brains Craft Brewery and our brewing credentials as well as use it as a platform to gain feedback from the ale consumer. A-Pork-Alypse is a beer that we couldn’t have brewed before having the Brains Craft Brewery, which enables us to trial and experiment with new recipes and push the boundaries to challenge some of the pre-conceptions of a traditional brewer. I am sure it will divide opinion at the show.”


Social networking websites do work and they taste good

This morning I had the dilemma, should I have a bacon Sandwich or a Bacon baguette.

Instead of making my own mind up like any right thinking person, I jumped onto facebook and ask people and surprisingly they repied.


I went for the bacon sandwich with black pudding (with red Sauce) as you can see


It was delivered by my colleagues straight to my desk, who kindly walked over to Servini’s in Cardiff’s lard quarter, it is payday so I thought what the heck, and it was mighty tasty.