Beer Swap – a trumpiant in beer swapping

What a great Idea Beer Swap is.

I was lucky enough to get some great beers from the Bucks Area in my swap, but I lost the contact details for the person who sent them… so let me know!


The glad tidings was my favourite out of the lot from Vale Brewing company, it was quite bitter but had nice fruity aroma and nice and sweet, closely followed by the Grumpling Old Ale… the barley wine was a nice sipping one and my misses liked that (so hope for her yet)

I sent my Welsh beers to seanEclark who works for Adnams brewery.


And he and Sarah did some great Video Reviews of the beers I sent, makes me want to go and drink them myself.. I think Brains Dark and Otley O8 where their favourite with Rhymney Export coming in there – aren’t we lucky in South Wales to have some great beers I don’t think we realise how luck we are.

I can’t wait for the next one, I hope to do better reviews as well, maybe following their video lead.

Have a great Beer Xmas and New year


Great Video Review of Brains Dark from BeerSwap

As you know I am taking part in the beerswap thing and I sent Four Welsh Beers to a chap Called Sean who works for Adnams Brewery in Southwold, Suffolk.

Read their blog review of the beer

My beer reviews will be up very soon! but don’t think I can compare with Sean and Sarahs review!


Beerswap : the South Wales Beers

I have just packed my beerswap beers and will hopefully drop them off to the Collect+ point tomorrow, please note they are not just in the box as the photo would have you believe!

As its the first time I have done something like this I thought I would pick some good honest Welsh beers they may not be ground breaking but I am happy drinking them. I wont go into much detail as the person who gets them can make up their own mind.


Brains dark 3.5% it’s a classic Welsh mild from SA Brains

Rhymney Export – 5% – Easy to drink but full of body – from Rhymney

08 -8% award winning (Champion Beer of Wales 2008-09) strong ale from Otley brewing

Cwrw Gaeaf – 4.7% a seasonal beer from Tomos Watkin