Spoons have “gone to far” with their price rises this time & Christmas Ales

Popped in the Gatekeeper to keep warm today and notice this outrageous promotional poster 😉


on the plus side they are still doing their great selection of Christmas Ales and terrible but very British Puns

“Full of Christmas Cheer from Daniel Thwaites” Was the quaintly names Santa’s Sack a gorgeous Dark full falvoured ale at a easy drinking 4.2 ABV

Santa's Sack

and the other week I had these great ones as well

Exmoor EXMAS “There’s NOALE LIKE IT” a nice full bodied with a fruity hint


And the excellent Adnams Yuletide

Adnams Yuletide

the downside to these ales is their lower ABV then I would really want from an Christmas ale, but I suppose they are going for general drinkers, but they are very drinkable.


The 13 beers of christmas including De Koninck, Zeitgeist , Rodenbach Vintage

Took delivery of Christmas beers from the lovely Beer Merchants

Barbar, Blond Speciality Ale, 8.0%, 33cl, Bottle (2 of)
Brugs Wit, Witbier, 4.8%, 33cl, Bottle (2 of)
De Koninck, Amber Speciale Belge, 5.0%, 25cl, Bottle
De Koninck Blond, Blond Speciality, 6.0%, 33cl, Bottle
Lindemans Pecheresse, Peach Lambiek Fruit beer, 2.5%, 25cl, Bottle
Palm, Extra Amber Speciale Belge, 5.4%, 33cl, Bottle
Meantime Union, Vienna Style Amber Lager, 4.9%, 33cl Bottle
Meantime Coffee & Porter Style Ale, 6.0%, 33cl Bottle
Bath Ales, Dark Hare, 4%, 50cl, Bottle
BrewDog, Zeitgeist, 4.9%, 33cl, Bottle
Rodenbach Vintage 2007, Limited Edition, 75cl.

Some of the beers were selected as I wanted to relive the times I went to antwerp when my friend lived there – Barbar,
Brugs Wit, Palm and of course the beer of Antwerp De Koninck.

The Rodenbach Vintage 2007 was a special treat and I got a bottle for Rob from beerlens as well, as this year he has introduced me to some great beers(brewdog & Saints & Sinners) and it’s good to have an offline/online friend interested in beer even though he is from newport.


That time of the year again – Father Christmas Photo

This time of the year people seem to buy my Father Christmas running photo, maybe getting websites and publications ready for the Xmas period.

I took this images a few years a go at the Newton santa run, when I was getting into digital photography, it’s not shot on a DSLR on a canon powershot, but its my biggest selling shot (I only sell a few of my photos a month, so wont give up the day job)

Looking back it was not a great image in terms of composition and the colour was not great.. but its been popular and allows me to buy odds and sods for my camera every year as its for sale on iStockphoto

Unfortunately the quality of photos you need to put up nowadays is very high and I don’t have many accepted 🙁