Good news for craft beer fans in Cardiff – Brains to open new craft brewery

Hopefully they will open it up to beer drinkers community to help choose or even brew new beer – Iam thinking hoppy beers to give certain scottish beers or Amercian beers a run for their money.

St Davids Day - SA brains Cardiff Brewery Tour

From SA Brain

Welsh brewer SA Brain and Co Ltd today announced that it is to extend production facilities at the Cardiff Brewery by installing a new craft brewery.

The brewery will complement Brains’ existing plant and enable them to brew a diverse range of craft cask, keg and bottled beers.

St Davids Day - SA brains Cardiff Brewery Tour

Bill Dobson, Head Brewer at Brains, explains: “The beer market is always changing and there is a growing interest in more diverse beers and different beer styles. We have seen this through the growing popularity of our seasonal ales and a demand for a wider choice on the bar, especially from the younger drinker.”

“This new brewery means we will be able to meet these growing needs by brewing on a much smaller scale, at the same time developing our capability to innovate new products and to experiment with limited editions and one-offs.”

St Davids Day - SA brains Cardiff Brewery Tour

David Bonney, Commercial Director at Brains, added: “This investment demonstrates our commitment to the development of our cask and keg beers – a key element of our growth strategy – enabling us to remain at the forefront of new product development.”

Brains hopes to have the new plant up and running by the end of March 2012. The company will continue to brew its range permanent and seasonal beers – which includes the renowned SA, the award winning SA Gold and the legendary Dark – at the Cardiff brewery.

St Davids Day - SA brains Cardiff Brewery Tour


Chester just gets better & better when it comes to Beer : Kash Chester

I recently went to Chester again – for a Wedding – I was lucky that I had the day to myself on the Bank holiday Monday – so I decided to go to a few pubs.

The first one was after a recommendation from Ben from @pimpmydibber it was called Kash and it was brilliant.

Ben met up with me for a quick half I had not seen him for about 8/9years since he left Cardiff – so it was nice to catch up and talk beer and of course sheds.

It’s the brewery tap of Runcorn based Craft Brewery Blueball Brewery – I was chatting to the brewer Alex for a good hour and he loves his craft beer after spending many years in the USA.

Kash Chester - Blueball Brewery

They do a wide range of beers mostly served from Keg and the designs of the Clips are retro USA featuring starlets – they are a bit risque – but the beer is top class

The Spank was one of the best IPA I have had in while

Kash Chester Blueball Brewery SPank

slowly followed by their Blonde Bombshell

Kash Chester Blueball Brewery Blonde Bombshell

I also liked their sour Komrades Kolsch – but they are all a bit strong for session beers.

Kash Chester

I tried their smoked beer but it was too much – I think Rob would like it mind

Kash Chester Blueball Brewery The Smoker

The first recorded evidence of Beer was written by the Sumerians in Mesopotamia in 4000 BC. They called it “Kash”. We thought it fitting to name our Bar after this ancient word.

Our primary focus is Beer. We have a very personal and passionate interest in Beer and run our very own Mircrobrewery in Cheshire, Blueball Brewery

I did venture to a few other pubs that day – including the Spitting Feature Brewery Tap but I ended back at the Kash after I got lost after an afternoon of ale- higly recommened to any craft beer fan.

Other beers of the day

Titanic Plum Porter

Chester Beer - Titanic PLum Porter

Peerless IPA

Chester Beer - Peerless