Purple Poppadom Cardiff they say Nouvelle Indian Cuisine I say best curry I have had

I have not blogged about food (or much else on this blog) for a long time – but a meal enjoyed at the Purple Poppadom last night gave me the opportunity to post, just so I can relive the most amazing Indian food I have ever had – yes Iam slow on the uptake and have never been the Chef Anand George previous establishment Mint & Mustard either – but his so named “Nouvelle Indian Cuisine” – was stunning – every dish had a great range of flavours not over spiced – and every ingredient worked so well together. – so this is what I had

Starter: The Streets of Mumbai
Aloo Tikki – potato cake served on a bed of spiced chickpeas | Bombay Chat – pop-in-the mouth semolina pastry snack filled with yoghurt and homemade chutney, topped with gram flour vermicelli | Tangy puffed rice salad with tamarind chutney

everyone I have spoken to said that the Bombay Chat is amazing – it was very good – but alas I made the mistake of taking a bite and not eating it whole – so had a beard covered in yogurt (not for the first time;)) – personally I thought the Tangy puffed rice – was the best of the three – just a great texture.

Main: Nawabi Chicken
A dish from the Moghul emperors, chicken supreme marinated with creamy cheese, a touch of cardamom and mace finished in the tandoor. Accompanied by a boneless bhuna chicken thigh served with makhani sauce and mint sorbet

Iam a big fan of curry but thought I would go for something less sloppy – I love cardamom and the chicken had a delicate flavour of it but not overpowering – the bhuna chicken thigh was very good as well – sometimes you forget that the lesser cuts sometimes can be best – the thing that surprised me was the salad (yes I eat a salad) – it just worked so well with the other flavours and the texture helped with the softness of the chicken – then that was followed hit of something hot in the mint sorbet was a great end to the main.

Desserts: Deux Crème Brûlée
Side-by-side presentation of green tea and a rose petal Crème Brûlée

Friends who have been visited have told me I need to go for the Chocomosa Anand – but I have a quest to try every interpretation of Crème Brûlée on the planet and I was not disappointed – the rose petal one was the best I have tasted in a long long time – unfortunately it overwhelmed the green tea one – next time I may try that one first.

Anyway for anyone in Cardiff who has not visit the Purple Poppadom (there can’t be many people now) then I would go now – I will be going again very soon.

The full menu is here