Purple Poppadom Cardiff they say Nouvelle Indian Cuisine I say best curry I have had

I have not blogged about food (or much else on this blog) for a long time – but a meal enjoyed at the Purple Poppadom last night gave me the opportunity to post, just so I can relive the most amazing Indian food I have ever had – yes Iam slow on the uptake and have never been the Chef Anand George previous establishment Mint & Mustard either – but his so named “Nouvelle Indian Cuisine” – was stunning – every dish had a great range of flavours not over spiced – and every ingredient worked so well together. – so this is what I had

Starter: The Streets of Mumbai
Aloo Tikki – potato cake served on a bed of spiced chickpeas | Bombay Chat – pop-in-the mouth semolina pastry snack filled with yoghurt and homemade chutney, topped with gram flour vermicelli | Tangy puffed rice salad with tamarind chutney

everyone I have spoken to said that the Bombay Chat is amazing – it was very good – but alas I made the mistake of taking a bite and not eating it whole – so had a beard covered in yogurt (not for the first time;)) – personally I thought the Tangy puffed rice – was the best of the three – just a great texture.

Main: Nawabi Chicken
A dish from the Moghul emperors, chicken supreme marinated with creamy cheese, a touch of cardamom and mace finished in the tandoor. Accompanied by a boneless bhuna chicken thigh served with makhani sauce and mint sorbet

Iam a big fan of curry but thought I would go for something less sloppy – I love cardamom and the chicken had a delicate flavour of it but not overpowering – the bhuna chicken thigh was very good as well – sometimes you forget that the lesser cuts sometimes can be best – the thing that surprised me was the salad (yes I eat a salad) – it just worked so well with the other flavours and the texture helped with the softness of the chicken – then that was followed hit of something hot in the mint sorbet was a great end to the main.

Desserts: Deux Crème Brûlée
Side-by-side presentation of green tea and a rose petal Crème Brûlée

Friends who have been visited have told me I need to go for the Chocomosa Anand – but I have a quest to try every interpretation of Crème Brûlée on the planet and I was not disappointed – the rose petal one was the best I have tasted in a long long time – unfortunately it overwhelmed the green tea one – next time I may try that one first.

Anyway for anyone in Cardiff who has not visit the Purple Poppadom (there can’t be many people now) then I would go now – I will be going again very soon.

The full menu is here


Thali from last night’s curry club

A few of my friends from work went for a curry and lashings of beer last at a the Gatekeeper in Cardiff, it’s a wetherspoons so we were not expecting top class curry but it’s cheap and normally cheerful.

Anyway James had the same as us, but he was delivered the Thali without any pots and just dumped on the plate, without even an explanation.

What we had (left) what James had (right)

the Beer on the otherhand was fine

but one member of staff was quite rude, even though I have been going there since it opened.