The Worst Pint of Beer in Cardiff is at …

We went to the Wales V France Games Last night.

Wales V France 6 nations 26th Feb

Had a couple of pints before the game

At the Goat Major great pint of Hydes Berry Good Ale

Goat Major - Hydes Berry Good Ale & Brains Dark

AT the Central Bar (a spoons pub) Rhymney Export but at 2.95 a pint

But the worse pint of the night was at the stadium £3.50 a pint of Brains Bitter in a plastic glass, Iam sure they had pored it before from their super fast poring system and left it for a while, it was cold but tasted of drip tray slops – Sorry Brains but you need to check the quality of the beer at the stadium.


Beer Notes: Dragons Den

I meet up with old school mates on Saturday for a pint before the Cardiff Blues v Toulouse game at Cardiff’s millennium stadium, I was not going to the game but as I have not seen them for around a year…  it was a good chance to catch up and have a few pints before they went off to the game, then home.

In fact the weather was so nice I stayed in Cardiff and had a few pints and meet them after the game and ended up at my local a few hours later with one of the boys Rory who was not going home..  but it made me realise  that I can’t handle a all day session anymore…. 🙁 as i was not much use yesterday…

The only downside was that on these match days in Cardiff all the pubs serve their beer in plastic glasses, which does not help the taste in my opinion and this Batemans was the only decent pint and it was not very good at all, plus the megapub Prince of Wales had put the beer prices up. I had to wait until I got home to get a good pint a few Black Sheep


Anyway as the Mrs says I never get in contact with my mates enough, so will have to make the effort to visit Reading in the summer where three of them live & work of course a few decent pints should be waiting for me.


Well done Ireland – what a scorcer

I was at home (due to that bug) watching the game and trying to cook tea (got my appetite back so that’s good) at the same time, but also managed to follow the buzz on twitter but next year I will be in the pub!

What was interesting was what people were saying twitter you could see it live so using a website a bit like the googlefight , said Ireland would win before the end… based on the tagwords and general searchyness(!) Ireland was mentioned every 1 second, Wales was mentioned every 7 seconds.