Three years on Twitter what have I learned? nothing I hear you shout.

Iam no expert on this twitter thing, but have used it long enough to make so many mistakes – and I still tell people what I have for tea, where I walked the dog and what beer Iam drinking, maybe if I just concentrated on the sheds, I would have more followers.

Anyone this post is on of those Ten things to do on twitter, but only Severn, well you have to do something for SEO.

1) I have made 7937 (and counting ) tweets, even I don’t know how! (ok some are automated from the Flickr Group and when a sheddies adds images to their sheds) but the rest are from shedblog and this blog and my own mixed up sheddie brain.

2) Dont’ pee off the twitters, you will regret it, as some hold a grudge longer than some 😉 , but on the whole most are wonderful! so as long as you are not having at go at their mothers then you should be ok

3) It’s ok to reply to celebrity twitters, but after two tweets and they don’t reply then don’t bother  😉 unless you would stalk them in real life – cough  MrsStephenFry – it was me in the shed

4) Think about your hashtags and research it before going ahead with some madcap plan – 9.9 times out of 10 it will never trend

5) Is it worth setting up different accounts for different subjects – you will soon see a shedweek account just for shedweek stuff, but try not to confuse your readers – I know I do.

6) Great tools to use like Friendorfollow, Backtweets

7) Wait for the next big thing. still waiting… 4sq pah ..


Well done Ireland – what a scorcer

I was at home (due to that bug) watching the game and trying to cook tea (got my appetite back so that’s good) at the same time, but also managed to follow the buzz on twitter but next year I will be in the pub!

What was interesting was what people were saying twitter you could see it live so using a website a bit like the googlefight , said Ireland would win before the end… based on the tagwords and general searchyness(!) Ireland was mentioned every 1 second, Wales was mentioned every 7 seconds.