Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival Great Beer List

The honorable Brewblogger has posted the list of beers that will available at this years Great Welsh Beer & Cider Festival 2009 at the CIA in Cardiff, Thursday 11th June 11-11, Friday 12th & Saturday 13th June 11-11


Some great Welsh classics in fact, he mentions 78 Welsh Beers from 29 different Welsh Breweries

I am looking forward (as I will be going) to these ales.

Conwy Mulberry Mild, 3.80%ABV, Mild
Otley New Brew to be confirmed (will it be hoppy?)
Rhymney Lager, 5% ABV, Speciality Ale
Bullmastiff Welsh Black, 4.60% ABV, Speciality Ale (I love it )

But hopefully Arfur can give some pointers to some of the stars of the festivALE.

of course the English craft Beers are worth a walk to the other side of the bar as is the Cider..

and those half pints help as I can’t drink as much as I would/could on a multiple session.

You can learn more about this great use for the CIA’s terrible acoustics here.


Beer Notes: Brew Dog – Punk IPA


Of course this caught my eye due to the punk overtones(or is that undertones!) in the name & label.

I found it to be a bit too bitter but after a few tastes you got used to it and it was lovely and I can see myself quaffing a few of these, plus it was only 99p a bottle in my giant Tesco..

This is what the brewery say about it

A beer of inherent contradiction. This heavy weight of the beer world is strikingly delicate with a white gold appearance. The light fruity aroma dominates the initial confrontation; lychee, kiwi and passionfruit all prevail with subtle nuances of cherry and strawberry.

Don’t be fooled however by this smooth medium bodied ale. As it trickles down your throat as this wolf in sheep’s clothing begins to grow teeth. The bite comes as the bitterness builds and endures no matter how hard the malty sweetness of the alcohol tries to tame this ferocious beast. An exciting beer that will captivate with a whole body drinking experience.

I have heard of BrewDog before (i had their stout somewhere but can’t remember) and they sell the Beer online this one in particular is £12 for a case of 12 a good investment if you can’t get it locally..

Now I wonder if they would give some of this Fine beer away for Shed Week as we now have an official Punk band who Iam sure would love a few pints.


Beer of the Week : O’hanlons Yellow Hammer

A very poor photo of this lovely session golden beer from Devons O’hanlons


Its was like summer in a glass at the End of March in stinkies 2 (the Gatekeeper, Cardiff)

AJ said it was like Lager but with taste and no bubbles, but he is right.. as this was a mild and Pale ale…. would have 2-5 more anytime.


Thali from last night’s curry club

A few of my friends from work went for a curry and lashings of beer last at a the Gatekeeper in Cardiff, it’s a wetherspoons so we were not expecting top class curry but it’s cheap and normally cheerful.

Anyway James had the same as us, but he was delivered the Thali without any pots and just dumped on the plate, without even an explanation.

What we had (left) what James had (right)

the Beer on the otherhand was fine

but one member of staff was quite rude, even though I have been going there since it opened.