Green King Ruddles for £1.29 a pint- would you be tempted?

Spoons are having a january Sale – in the past they have done their food cheaper which was a good deal as the prices have rocked over the last few years, But this year would you just go for a cheap pint (a few years ago they sold it for 99p a pint, If I remember but Greene King told them off)


J D Wetherspoons now on foursquare 20% off food – mayor beware

Oh no not another spoons post you say.

Wetherspoons, the budget pub chain (which I frequent) has decided to jump on the foursquare bandwagon.


Check in and get 20% off your food order!

All you need is your phone and the Foursquare App! Then as soon as you walk into your local Wetherspoon, search for it on your phone and check-in! If you are the person who checks into our pub the most then you will become the mayor of your local Wetherspoon. As mayor of this pub, enjoy 20% off your food order (excluding drinks). Simply show your phone to a member of our staff (remember it has to be the screen which says you’re the mayor), when paying for your meal, to redeem this offer.

So get checking in- battle with your friends, your colleagues and with people you don’t even know but soon will! Let the battle commence!

I am the mayor of the Prince of Wales (Wetherspoons) on foursquare so was expecting my 20% off my egg,ham and chips (£1.99)

but when you look on the foursquare app there are now two Prince of Wales pubs.

but Iam not the mayor of “new” Prince of Wales which has just appeared so probably wont get my discount, ok I don’t want a discount but its the principle.!!! 😉

UPDATE Iam now the mayor of both Prince of Wales entrys on foursq -but its confusing

Are there any other Foursquare users who have seen their local spoons joined by the official ones and they have to start again drinking cheap beer to become the mayor?


Thali from last night’s curry club

A few of my friends from work went for a curry and lashings of beer last at a the Gatekeeper in Cardiff, it’s a wetherspoons so we were not expecting top class curry but it’s cheap and normally cheerful.

Anyway James had the same as us, but he was delivered the Thali without any pots and just dumped on the plate, without even an explanation.

What we had (left) what James had (right)

the Beer on the otherhand was fine

but one member of staff was quite rude, even though I have been going there since it opened.