A mini gardeners worse nightmare

Ok I may be over egging it again.. but the thing that bought me so much gardening joy has turned into a nightmare in my back garden type thing.

We had heavy winds last night in the lower Welsh shed valleys and when I awoke and went to take sprout out for his morning walk at 6:50 (thats bad enough).

I went into the garden to find my mini greenhouse toppled over in the wind with all my hard work destroyed.


I should be able to save half the tomato plants but the majority of everything else is ruined 🙁

I have moved what I could to the safety of the shed and will clean up when I get home tonight.

ok part of it is my fault the Mrs said to make sure it wont blow away, so I put some stones at the bottom, but I should have secured it to the wall/shed as they are hooks on the back… a hard lesson learned.